Private Classes

If you are looking to finesse your practice and want to learn in a private and familiar environment, working 1-2-1 can give you immediate and individual learnings.

Working 1-2-1 allows you to experience a personal practice with guidance and with just you in mind.

Practicing 1-2-1 enables you to gear yoga learnings to your specific, individual needs.  This is especially useful if you have personal concerns that need attention.  There is the added advantage that practice takes place at a time and place of your choosing, which can fit into your daily schedule – reducing or eliminating additional travel time.  You can completely sit back and relax after your session or get on with your day.

Similar to a group practice, each session ideally lasts around 1 hour and will be centred on your individual personal practice aims, including:

  • Exercises to warm up
  • Standing strength and balance poses
  • Seated and kneeling poses
  • Supine stretches, twists and counter-poses
  • Relaxation designed to allow you to wind down after practice

Shorter sessions of 30 minutes are available on request.

With 1-2-1 guidance, you can build gradually into a regular personal, bespoke practice.

Any suitable location is within approximately 15 miles radius of Crowborough, East Sussex.

We  also run regular group classes.

Please contact me if you would like a free, 45 minute taster session.