What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, stability and their interaction with the breath to boost physical and mental wellbeing.

The practice of yoga is aimed at creating union between body, mind and spirit, using yogic principles including working through the body and breath to achieve this union and following practices that provide a code for living mindfully.

Yoga that’s right for you

There are many styles and forms of yoga that have evolved over the years and there is a style and a form of practice that is suitable for all.  Some forms may focus more on the philosophical side of yoga but the most common forms in the western world are more focused on the physical benefits of a yoga practice.

Your practice can be a useful complement to other activities you already do or can be a great means of achieving greater activity in its own right.

Most forms of yoga in the UK can be considered as Hatha Yoga.  Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures and it is really a bit of an umbrella term for all styles of yoga.  The over-arching requirement of class and yoga practice is to find postures that give you your best version of you in that moment and allow you to practice well and safely.  This will possibly give you the style of yoga that will work best for you.

Different forms taught:

General Yoga

All abilities (class and 1-2-1)

This is usually what most people understand as hatha yoga.  This class is a general gentle yoga class using classic yoga poses and incorporating latest developments and evolutions in promoting good movement and safe practice.  Practice can be chair-based or mat-based and can include more challenging and dynamic poses or modified versions of these poses depending on how your practice is evolving.  Classes will also include learnings around breathing techniques (pranayama) and elements of meditation, allowing you to completely relax.

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Astanga Vinyasa Yoga

All abilities (1-2-1)

Known sometimes as AVY, Astanga Vinyasa Yoga is a stronger, more dynamic hatha yoga practice. It’s generally a hotter practice using Ujayi breathing to generate internal warmth and help you move easily.  AVY is considered a moving meditation.  There are a number of set series of poses each designed with a specific aim of working body and mind.  Poses flow from one to another and use Vinyasas (transitions) to link poses.

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Sports Yoga

(Class and 1-2-1)

Sports Yoga is a range of hatha yoga-inspired exercises designed to help anyone. It’s particularly for sportsmen and sportswomen at all levels who want to improve performance in their chosen sport, avoid injury where possible and  improve recovery times.

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