Group Classes

Practicing in a small group is a lovely way to learn and develop your yoga practice.  In both general yoga class or Sports Yoga, yoga buddies are there to inspire and work alongside you.

St John’s Church Hall and Mark Cross Community Centre are both great practice venues, with lovely warm, modern interiors and convenient car parking.  Classes operate on a drop-in basis – you can come and practice as often as you like and fit in what you need to do in your week.

Each practice last approximately 1 hour and includes:

  • Exercises to warm up
  • Standing strength and balance poses
  • Seated and kneeling poses
  • Supine stretches, twists and counter-poses
  • Relaxation designed to allow you to wind down after practice

There is something for everyone in each class.  Whether you have a great practice already and are looking for inspiration, or whether you are new to yoga and are looking for learnings to grow your practice – the aim is to create a space to move and breathe comfortably.

Every pose will have options to modify, including some of the more challenging poses.  Always use the option that works for your body at that moment and you can build up gradually over the course of time.  You will achieve more by avoiding force or strain yourself during practice.

Book a group practice.

If you have your own yoga mat and equipment please bring along what you need to be comfortable.  There are also mats and equipment available at each practice to borrow.

We also offer private classes.

Any thoughts or enquiries, please contact me.