Have you ever wondered whether there are ways to improve your performance – whether that is as a serious runner or someone who likes to just go for a jog in the fresh air?

You may have noticed that more and more athletes are using yoga as a means of improving their performance and also their powers of focus and concentration and at the same time benefitting their wellness by avoiding injury with brilliant results.  And the trend is growing!

To quote footballer, Ryan Giggs   “I’m a complete convert to this way of training and the benefits to my career have been huge.”

Working on your inner and outer game

It is well known that improving your flexibility and balance and enabling your body to move in the best way it is able will generally enhance your performance.  Another key notion to consider is your inner focus and ability to move skillfully and easily as you move.  The principles of yoga in providing a focal point for you minimising unwanted distractions allowing you to keep your attention on your outcome or goal.


Breath awareness and control are an integral part of yoga practice and can be ignored in the moment when most needed!  Tension in the body can arise when there is a lack of oxygen.  In a stressful situation, the tendency is to hold the breath either consciously or unconsciously or to breathe only in part of the chest.  This can lead to a momentary reduction in lung capacity – a lack of reduction of oxygen can cause muscles to freeze and if the reduction continues a lack of oxygen to the brain can cause a mental freeze as well!

Learning breathing techniques through yoga that you can rely on can will build awareness and provide tools you can add to your sports and life toolbox to help you.


The ability to relax in a tense or critical moment is always helpful and can help provide that extra edge of performance.  Anxiety can have an affect on breathing and focus as well as muscle energy.  Finding that “extra something” or that “extra softness” in your movement will make all the difference to performance and enjoyment in what you are doing.

If you are interested in trying out yoga – give it a try!  There is already a class running in Crowborough attended by Group members.  Saturday mornings at St John’s Church Hall, St John’s Road either 10.15 am start or 11.15 am start and Tuesday evenings at the same venue starting at 7.30pm.  Please contact Shirley Mutter on info@infiniteyoga.uk for more information and to answer any specific questions you may have.